Biggest holiday lies revealed – are you guilty of any of them?

When you’ve been on holiday, there’s nothing like coming back and sharing stories of your adventures with family and friends.

However, all of us are prone to occasionally telling white lies, whether it’s adding a filter to your holiday photos, or describing your day at the beach but omitting the fact you had a huge family argument in the heat.

Of course sometimes it can feel like your friends’ holidays are picture-perfect compared to yours – but new research has shown that’s not always the case.

In fact, a study by Bolsover Cruise Club has found that 64% of Brits admit to lying about their holiday in order to impress their peers.

The ‘holiday braggers’ tend to fall into five categories ; exaggerating, blagging, one-uping, spamming, and over-filtering.

Not surprising considering 71% admitted they post holiday snaps with the main aim to make followers jealous, while 45% edit those Instagram shots to make the holiday seem better than it is.

The biggest lie? Exaggerating the standard of your hotel – whether editing images of the room or using the right photo angle to make it look better than it seems. ( These Airbnb owners know just the trick .)

Next up was the restaurants and food you’d eaten (nobody wants to admit they ditched the must-try eatery in favour of the McDonalds down the road), followed in third place by holiday romance/flings (whether made up or exaggerated, we won’t ever know).

You can check out the full list of lies below.


Top 10 things people lie about on holiday

  1. Standard of hotel
  2. Restaurants (quality of food)
  3. Holiday romance/flings
  4. Weather
  5. Alcohol consumed
  6. Nightlife (bars/pubs/clubs)
  7. Amount of sightseeing spots visited
  8. Famous people seen
  9. Getting involved in the local culture
  10. How much money spent

However, it’s worth noting that you can easily get caught out – as Jennifer, 34, from Nottingham found out.

She revealed: “I told work colleagues that my partner had proposed on the beach in Ibiza, surrounded by rose petals and candles.

“He in fact got down on one knee the weekend before in Blackpool. It was all fine, until his best man mentioned the Blackpool proposal in the wedding speech…”


Or there’s Nicolas, 27, from Surrey whose friend bragged about quite the unusual hotspot.

He explained: ” I told my friend at work I’d been to Laos, and he immediately told me that it was too commercialised and that he usually goes to Maos – which was much more unspoilt.

“It was only when I Googled it while planning my next trip abroad that I realised there was no such place! He had just been trying to one-up me.”

Michael Wilson, MD at Bolsover Cruise Club commented: “With so many people heading abroad this summer, here at Bolsover Cruise Club we wanted to look at the amount of bragging and over-exaggerating that usually goes on during and after a person’s holiday.

“With the social media craze all around us, it was interesting to see exactly how many people utilise the platforms as a bragging tool, and interestingly how many people feel they have to fake the reality of their lives.

“Our research revealed some entertaining anecdotes, so it will be interesting to see if people continue their holiday bragging for years to come on social media, or if people will become more satisfied with just telling the truth!”

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